Third Eye Open book cover

Third Eye Open:  Unmasking Your True Awareness is an innovative and informative manual for answering these questions:

How can I be my own psychic?
How can I enhance my relationships
How can I heal my physical symptoms
How can I access my past life records
How can I weather the earth changes?

You will learn to uncover unfinished issues and clear the way for positive external change.

Viewing the world as a classroom, Third Eye Open offers an edifying and intriguing guidebook for developing psychic abilities and interpreting daily spiritual lessons.

By learning to decode cryptic messages in encounters, dreams, animals, machinery, and weather conditions the reader uncovers vital spiritual data to discover compassion, health, love and wisdom.


The Power of the Present
Feel to Heal
The Body as Messenger
Time for the Child
Redefining Relationships
How to Be Your Own Psychic
Encountering Synchronicity
Psychic Dreaming
Past Lives Revisited
Communing with the Inanimate
Weathering the Earth's Changes

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