Through the Fairy Door Contents

Chapter 1: Elfa Travels
Chapter 2: Gricilis
Chapter 3: Andromeda
Chapter 4: Balls and Bats
Chapter 5: The Third Eye
Chapter 6: Leaf-Flying
Chapter 7: The Two Truths
Chapter 8: Starting Over
Chapter 9: Holding Her Own

Chapter 10: Boomerang
Chapter 11: Light and Dark
Chapter 12: Border Fairy Rescue
Chapter 13: Standing Still
Chapter 14: The Birth
Chapter 15: Wheel of Well-Being
Chapter 16: The Surprise Sleepover
Chapter 17:Ā Syzygy
Chapter 18: Holding On
Chapter 19: The Solstice
Chapter 20: The Mystery of the Shoes

Cover of Through the Fairy Door
Through the Fairy Door back cover

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