Susan is available for private readings and group psychic sessions and workshops. Sessions can be done in person and by phone; Susan is also willing to travel for group workshops. Topics include:

  • Past life regression
  • Mediumship
  • Psychic development
  • Dream study

For session lengths and pricing, see below. Request your session today.

What can I expect from my session? 

The reading will explore any area of your life that you wish, including past life information and/or regression. We’ll work together to remove any blocks to reaching your potential in relationships, career, emotional and physical well-being, along with in-depth spiritual and psychic development. Susan will help you activate the alchemy of personal transformation so you can move to the next level of your potential.

Susan will be connected with you during the session, so she can find the areas that need release and reconnect you with those parts of yourself that may have been suppressed. She’ll also give suggestions for exercises and reading materials that are tailor-made just for you, so you can continue the healing after your session.

Do I need to prepare?

There is nothing you need to do before the reading. If you wish, you can make a list of questions and topics to be explored. You can email these questions to Susan before your appointment time. Susan suggests that you watch the nighttime dreams and interesting experiences or encounters that may appear after you schedule the session. Take note of these events so their meaning can be explored in your session.

Can I record the reading?

Yes. Also, Susan takes copious notes that she will scan and send to you. The notes help Susan make the deep psychic connection with you and also record for you the significant discoveries uncovered in our time together.

Does Susan Skype?

No; the psychic connection is stronger for Susan when a computer is not used. However, if you are overseas, Apple’s FaceTime or WhatsApp are cost-free means of having a session.


60 Minute Session, $150.00

Leaf detail

90 Minute Session, $225.00

Sunrise through grass

120 Minute Session, $300.00

Clients’ Voices

Susan has given me courage to look honestly into dark, difficult places in my psyche, all the while holding for me a bright light of healing. She has a multi-faceted tool bag that combines depth psychology with psychic/intuitive work, which provides a large embrace and critical context to our work together. ….Susan has helped me find freedom in my being through humor, intellectual understanding, and love. – Glenda Fletcher

Clients’ Voices

Working with Susan has enabled me to validate myself and to trust my inner voice. I have learned to let go of fear in facing certain situations, realizing that in the moment I will have the wisdom to handle whatever faces me. I have grown in how I handle my interactions both personally and professionally. Thanks to Susan’s support, I have been able to let go of the past that held me down and to live more confidently in the present. – Mary A.

Clients’ Voices

Susan has a unique understanding of my areas of vulnerability and an extraordinary sense of empathy that makes me feel understood, safe and supported….She helps unearth perspectives I am unable to see and has helped me through many difficult times and continues to be a constant positive influence along my journey of self-growth. Susan is a blessing in my life and is truly gifted at what she does! – Amanda Davis