Intuition is inborn and natural -- you already have it. Let Susan help you remove any obstacles to your psychic talent and give you techniques to utilize this invaluable gift in your daily life.

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Spiritual Counselor

Your spiritual purpose is seeking you! Let a reading with Susan clarify the next steps to take to develop your intuition, reach your potential and find your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

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Praise for Third Eye Open: Unmasking Your True Potential:

“In the name of the New Age an awful lot of beautiful trees have been turned into forgettable books. This is not one of them. Susan Reintjes’ work is eloquent, honest, grounded and wise. I am very pleased that she has taken the time to write Third Eye Open. It’s a book that will be helping people a hundred years from now.”   - Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky and The Book of Pluto

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About Susan

Susan Reintjes is the psychic featured in the bestselling book Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD.  She was commissioned by Oprah Winfrey as a psychic consultant and has helped thousands of clients clear illnesses, discover psychic abilities, resolve relationship dilemmas and discover intuitive and creative potential. Read more...


Susan Reintjes