The Exchange

About the Book

A wounded African elephant appears in a N.C. field while desperately needed vaccines are miraculously delivered to a clinic in Uganda. These stunning events are followed by more and more phenomena as endangered animals are whisked to safety and needed supplies are delivered to areas devastated by war, drought, flood, fire and famine. What is making this happen? Is it benevolent aliens or is God tired of rampant greed and forcing us to tithe? Or could it be sentient wormhole activity? That is the question on the minds of physicists, ministers, philosophers, economists and psychologists all grappling with the bizarre happenings. Em, midwife and mother of fourteen year-old Corbin, is at the center when the first elephant comes to her. How will Em and Corbin cope with being on the front line of the world chaos? Will the world discover what is behind the rebalancing of resources and the preservation of our precious wildlife?