Susan Reintjes is a psychic healer and Jungian-inspired psychotherapist with a love for yoga, drumming in rock bands, flights of fancy through fairy doors and mermaid swimming and who embodies an immense wonderment for Mother Nature and all her creations. Her lectures at the International Association for the Study of Dreams in 2016 on “Psychic Dreams and Quantum Physics” and, in 2017, on “Bad Dreams are Good- Plumbing the Shadowy Depths of Our Dreamlife” reveal her avid interest in dreams and the workings of the unconscious. Her five books, Third Eye Open: Unmasking Your True Awareness, Through the Fairy Door, Gaia 2045, The Enchanted Parapet, and The Exchange, bring to light the scope of her imagination and her desire to help move the world toward health and happiness through self-discovery.

What People Say

Susan always holds an excitedly positive space for the healing that is about to occur. 

-Allison E.

Susan has a unique understanding of my areas of vulnerability and an extraordinary sense of empathy that makes me feel understood, safe, and supported.

-Amanda D.

Thanks to Susan’s support, I have been able to let go of the past that held me down and to live more confidently in the present.

-Mary A.

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