Every session I have with Susan is a healing session. By combining psychology, intuition (hers and mine), dreamwork, and her other gifts and knowledge, she helps prompt significant progress each time we meet. Susan always holds an excitedly positive space for the healing that is about to occur. Our sessions are one of the most important investments I make.

-Allison E.

Susan has been a tremendous resource to me over the last 13 years and has helped me to grow and discover much along the way. She has a unique understanding of my areas of vulnerability and an extraordinary sense of empathy that makes me feel understood, safe, and supported. This has built a trusting relationship which allows me to open up, knowing I will never be judged, and facilitates the environment I need to dig in and do the work I need to do. She helps unearth perspectives I am unable to see and has helped me through many difficult times and continues to be a constant positive influence along my journey of self-growth. Susan is a blessing in my life and is truly gifted at what she does!

-Amanda D.

Working with Susan has enabled me to validate myself and to trust my inner voice. I have learned to let go of fear in facing certain situations, realizing that in the moment I will have the wisdom to handle whatever faces me. I have grown in how I handle my interactions both personally and professionally. Thanks to Susan’s support, I have been able to let go of the past that held me down and to live more confidently in the present.

-Mary A.

Susan Reintjes has been my therapist/counselor/soul guide for many years. In. our sessions, she has given me courage to look honestly into dark, difficult places in my psyche, all the while holding for me a bright light of healing. Susan has a multi-faceted tool bag which makes her work powerful. She combines depth psychology with psychic/intuitive work, which for me provides a large embrace and critical context to our work together. She has helped me to find freedom in my being through humor, intellectual understanding, and love. I am eternally grateful.

-Glenda F.

A friend suggested I speak with Susan and, from the very beginning, I found myself in a safe, nonjudgmental alchemical process that allowed me to dig deeply and share and release long-held wounds. I was at a difficult and important crossroads in my life and my work with Susan helped me usher in a new chapter. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin and I am expressing my creative talents and sharing them with the world around me. Susan is a guide and sounding board that helps me stay on track with my life’s purpose.

Frank A.