Through the Fairy Door

About the Book

Elfa and Susan, although separated by decades in years, are two kindred spirits who experience truly ephemeral, yet very real, adventures in Fairyland. With the call of a bird, an owl, a nightingale or a crow, Susan and Elfa are whisked underground through a fairy door to learn lessons about the difficulties in their lives and how to remove those stubborn obstacles.

Monax, a groundhog sentry and Hesperus, a black widow spider, are just two of the creatures that help guide Elfa and Susan through the wonders, fun and challenges of life in Fairyland. Through the Fairy Door is a fantasy romp with life lessons tagging along for the ride!

Fairies and elves have been by my side ever since I explored the woods behind my childhood home.  I quickly found their arched doorways at the base of oak trees and left them gifts of acorn hats and leaf jackets. They, in turn, whispered words of comfort to me whenever I was sad or lonely. Their laughter and love of play lifted my spirits so I built myself a small hut of pine straw with a tree branch roof beside their fairy doors. Resting on a soft moss carpet amid the gentle accompaniment of birds, frogs, and crickets, I learned their gentle ways and wise secrets. Occasionally a snake or spider would sidle by causing me to shiver and shrink inside my nest and the chill of an invisible finger would trace up my spine. But the fairies and elves taught me to revere all of Mother Nature’s creatures and soon I grew to love them as well.

Fairyland was my safe haven where I found comfort and restoration. By writing Through the Fairy Door, I wanted you to experience some of the magic and wonder of their luminous realm. May the book fill a hungry corner of your heart and soul!